Cleaning bathtubs just got easier!!

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Cleaning the bathtub is a time consuming chore, that is messy and frustrating to deal with. The stress on your knees and back scrubbing the tub while inhaling harmful chemicals, is why many of us delay this task.

The BathRub is a disposable biodegradable latex material, that is placed over your bathtub. It attaches to four suction cups that are placed on each side of the tub. Once your BathRub is anchored, it’s ready to use!

The BathRub is made of biodegradable material that will assist in your smart green purchase. This product can be used in the following:

Helpful for students that share or has weekly bathroom duties.

For concerned travelers, and hotel management.

For nursing and other specialist to clean their patient’s tubs and showers.

Thin Layer Latex Material

Good for packing and traveling, hassle free

Suction Cups

Strong enough to stick and easy to remove in case for any adjustments

Adhesive Strips

Located at the bottom of the floor to prevent any slippage during use

Color Options

Whether you care about what color is available, we have few options to chose from.

Our history


Development Stage

BathRub began in the product research stage


Prototyping and Revision

Working on design and creating the first prototype for product testing.


Product Certification

Filed and received US Patent pending approval


Prototype Deal Agreement

Finalized deal with Davision company to market and design the prototype to present to the public.


Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Social media management, budget and product preparation

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Columbia, MD

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